About Us

What We Do

Best of Times is a home-based family-run business located in Kawerau, in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

What started as a hobby, has very quickly become our way of life, with a love of capturing moments in time through the refurbishment and upcycling of pre-loved, second hand furniture.

In reality, anyone can paint a piece of furniture, but with years of experience and using traditional techniques learned along the way, we transform this furniture into unique, one-off feature pieces.

Why We Do It

We’ve always been very visual people, with the idea that you can create an emotion – and a connection – to a way of living whether belonging to the past or present through refurbishing furniture that already has a history.

At its core, our mission is to create a piece that connects so deeply with a person that it becomes a ‘wow’ moment: a feature piece that becomes the focal point and always draws your eye as you enter the room.

With the use of pre-loved, second hand furniture we continue the furniture’s journey, preserving its past history while allowing it to live on and continue its story.

Whatever style resonates with you, we want our furniture to create a personal connection to a place, feeling or time. Taking you to your ‘Best Of Times’.

Meet Wibbly – Our Most Important Team Member


Oh boy! They call me many things. Mr Dog. Wibbly. The Doggy Boddeh’. But most importantly, I am the Morale Puppy! It is my duty to ensure that deadlines are being met, furniture is being painted, all while maintaining a high level of morale.

It isn’t easy to be such a small dog with big responsibilities. But I do whatever I must to help. I ruff at the neighbours, I steal food from the birds, and distract my humans from their painting as much as I can. But as long as I get my snuggles, my kisses and my teddeh’ it is most definitely worth it – Wibbly