Furniture Upcycling Service

‘From a single piece to an entire set, Best of Times can upcycle and paint your furniture in a style and colours of your choosing!”


At Best of Times we offer an extensive furniture painting and upcycling service, giving the furniture you already own a new lease on life in a colour and style of your choosing.

If you’ve missed out on one of our items, or are waiting for a piece in a style or colour you love then this is the service for you.

Our upcycling services cover every step of the upcycling process, from the initial sand through to the final coat of paint. Producing a piece that feels brand new, and that can take pride of place as a feature piece for your home.


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Furniture Painting & Upcycling Service Pricing

Our upcycling services provide you with the perfect way to revitalise your existing furniture, or second hand furniture you’ve picked up via garage sales or Trade Me! Interested? Simply request a quote and we can discuss what you had in mind!

Below you’ll find a guide to the pricing for our upcycling and painting services, with the costs involved falling into three categories.

Pick Up & Delivery

An optional service, we can pick up and deliver the furniture you want upcycled to and from locations throughout New Zealand’s North Island including Auckland and Tauranga.

Pick-up costs can be found below, with delivery fees charged at the same rate.

For delivery to areas not shown, please contact us for a quote.

*Auckland – $80

*Napier- $80

*Hastings – $80

*Coromandel- $80

*Whitianga – $80

*Thames – $60

*Gisborne – $60

*Hamilton/Waikato – $50

Taupo – $40

Tauranga – $35

Rotorua – $30

Opotiki – $30

Whakatane – $20

Kawerau – Free

*Please note: All delivery services to locations marked with a * function within a fortnightly time-frame.


Expenses cover charges for all materials used in the upcycling and painting process.

This may include costs for:

Please note that expenses will vary depending on the piece and the customer’s specifications.


Labour costs will vary from one piece to another depending on the size of the piece and the finish required. When contacting us for a quote, information including  measurements and a photo will help us to provide a definite price.

Payment Details & Options

Payment Details

All pick-up, delivery and expense costs must be paid before we can begin the upcycling process. With labour costs to be paid upon completion of the piece.

Payment Options

We accept Cash on Delivery, Bank Deposit, Credit Card and PayPal as payment methods for our upcycling services. Making it that much more convenient – and secure – for you to pay.

What Our Furniture Painting & Upcycling Service Includes

Furniture Painting & Upcycling - Consultation

Free Consultation & Discussion

A free service offered to all of our upcycling customers, we consult with you before we begin to ensure we can bring your ideas to life.

So whether you love the vintage greens and whites of the retro era, the rustic charm of shabby chic, or the clean lines of contemporary, we can upcycle your furniture in a style you love.

Furniture Painting & Upcycling - Sanding & Stripping

Complete Sanding & Stripping

We sand, strip and clean your furniture of all existing marks, wood stains and varnishes. Inside and out. We never simply paint over the top of your furniture’s existing finish.

By stripping and sanding your furniture back, we create the perfect blank canvas and ensure the smoothest finish possible.

Furniture Painting & Upcycling - New Drawer Bottoms & Furniture Backs

Replacement Drawer Bottoms & Back Panels

Drawer bottoms often become discoloured, damaged or marked with age. As do the backs of items like dressing tables, sideboards and bedside tables.

We replace all drawer bottoms and backs with new MDF panels perfectly cut to fit each piece. We also wax all drawers to ensure they run smoothly and don’t bump, stick or grind.

Furniture Painting & Upcycling - Paint & Wax

Paint & Waxes

At Best of Times we hand paint all of our furniture. We don’t spray paint, dip or use any other quick-and-easy techniques that can result in a messy or rough finish. By hand painting all of our furniture, we produce a smooth, fine quality finish that’s unique to our furniture.

We also wax all of our pieces using Voodoo Molly Furniture Wax to protect the piece and provide a soft, luxurious finish.

Furniture Painting & Upcycling - New Handles & Hardware

New Handles & Hardware

During the upcycling process we re-use your furniture’s existing handles and other miscellaneous items like drawer runners.

If you would like to have these replaced just let us know and we’ll add the price of these items to your final quote.



Awesome work to our drawers we were going to throw out. So glad we didn’t. Love the color and workmanship. They are like new. Thank you I’m a very happy customer.

Love love love my purchase awesome work and would defiantly buy again from you :)

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