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The New Zealand online casino market has been broadening month by month since new legislation came to light that players are indeed allowed to gambling inside of online casinos as long as they were outside of New Zealand’s borders to meet the laws and regulations.

So, with now a seemingly endless number of foreign online sites to join, what approach and measures will you be taking so you can experience online gambling legally and safely?

Inside of our blog, we help you through all avenues of online gambling. We made this blog to present to you the advantages of online gambling and the risks. We know there is no stopping someone that wants to gamble, so our approach is to at least guide them to the safest and legal online casino sites that are open to players wanting to gamble from New Zealand.

Finding an Online casino

Finding a site online isn’t too hard. A quick search engine check and you’d be greeted by thousands of them. There are a number of ways around making sure you get a quality site that performs to the highest standards. One, you can use comparison sites that offer new and existing players independent reviews and recommendations to pick your casino from. Or you can search alone and making sure the site you join carries with it an online casino license that has been approved and issued by a governmental authority and provides the latest security software to protect your personal data and banking information.

Your New Online Casino

There are indeed plenty of secure options online for Kiwi players to join. Just because these casinos are foreign, have no doubt, they are there to service players from all over the world. Most online casinos are now global platforms and even though you may settle for one which is actually based in Europe, it will still pay out your winnings in New Zealand dollars.

All new online casinos will lure you in with the special welcome offer. Not to belittle the efforts, it’s just fact that the welcome bonus offer is used by all online casinos with the intention of getting you as a player first than its competitors.

The welcome bonus shouldn’t be the focus of your attempts to locate the perfect site. In fact, it should come last. For the time being, as a new player and gambler, your focus should be on the gameplay and the options you face.

Gaming inside of Online Casinos

So, how do you play on winning your fortunes? There is an abundance of gaming options online these days. Casinos are no longer just your slot and card gaming venue. Players can now experience live sports betting and new live dealer game shows like Deal or No Deal. There is also the added option of live bingo and poker tournaments. The spectrum of winning is of a scale never before seen.

From inside the best New Zealand casinos online, you can access on average, per site, 1000 different online slot machines, virtual card and table games. Live casino betting with live dealers on games like blackjack, baccarat, poker, craps, roulette and sic bo. Then you have the new wave of gameshow games like Monopoly live, Dream Catcher and Football Studio.

When it comes to sports betting, you have the world stage of sporting events to bet on, with over 3,000 markets to bet on and combine.

This page is here to put it all into perspective, but more can be read about each integral part through our post blogs.