Online Casino Bonuses – What the Rewards are Worth


Online casino bonuses are commonplace. There is no secret here, but you will find online casino bonuses on every corner of every casino you find online. These are your promotions, there are there to lure customers and keep customers.

Be wary of them yet be fully aware of their benefits. Would you rather play with your own money or the credit which is offered up by the casino itself?

In this post, we discuss everything you need to know about the online casino promotions that can be used and found inside of New Zealand’s best online gambling sites.

A Bounty of Bonuses

There are so many opportunities online now to make a quick bit of money, you’d think it would be simpler for the casino to just hand you the cash just for showing interest. Well, they aren’t really that far off from doing this.

The casino bonus is a promotional tool that will give you extra cash credit to play with, in order to help you win more money. The monies that are won are then kept by the player that was wise enough to opt for the reward.

Now there are many types of promotional offers but they all essentially cover two main factors; 1. Cash credit to play with and 2. Free gameplay.

The Bonuses You Will Find Online

Here are just some of the regular bonus features you will find inside of New Zealand’s online casinos.

  • Welcome Bonuses
  • No Deposit Bonuses
  • Cashback Bonuses
  • Matched Deposit Bonuses
  • VIP Bonuses
  • Loyalty Bonuses
  • Free Spin Bonuses
  • Game of the Week Bonuses
  • Refer a Friend Bonus
  • Birthday Bonuses

The list goes on and on and will change is amount and type between casinos, so no two sites are ever the same. But do note that you are more than able to join more than one site should you want to take advantage of these promotional rewards.

How Bonuses Work

Bonuses can work in different ways; this is why it is so important for casino bonus terms and conditions to be read before they are used. In the example of free spins which is a very common feature inside promotion pages, free spins can be claimed with or without needing to deposit. The free spins can be a sole welcome bonus offer or it can form as a package deal, whereby free spins come with a cash booster for the player. Free spins can be for specific games like new releases or they can be used for a mixed bag, including slots, keno, scratch cards and video poker. The rules on free spins always differ from reward to reward.

When it comes to welcome bonuses, as with all promotions, they are 100% optional and do not have to be claimed. The welcome bonus is the largest bonus offer the casino will provide throughout your time as a member. You will indeed still achieve rewards via special loyalty bonuses, but the welcome offers are your one-off big ones.

Welcome bonuses are invariably deposit related bonuses, this means you will have to claim them whilst putting money into your account to play with. On the rare occasion 100% free no deposit welcome bonuses do appear, these are minor in comparison but with 25 to 50 free spins or up to $100 free to bet with, it’s not something to turn down, because no matter what online casino bonus offer you opt to use, all winnings that are made from them are yours to keep.